Qualifications and Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

and Qualifications



Team Player

At the Sacred Living Institute there are specific attributes that we seek in each person who enrolls to participate and who ultimately qualifies for joining our program.

1. First and foremost, facilitators participating in our program must be “team” oriented.

If someone is seeking to build their own practice and grow their following without an interest in working as a coordinated team member in an organized direction of collaboration, then this may not be the best portal. Our program is specifically centered on enjoying the expansion of one’s own identity, natural talents and blossoming interests while working with a team of specialists in diverse areas focused on health, wellness, fostering positive lifestyle habits that lead to improved life experiences and ultimately, enjoying a state of success based on the fulfillment of doing what one loves to do while empowering others too. 

Our endeavors for achieving this state of success are easily accomplished through organized, focused, compatible teamwork. 

The qualities of a team player participating in Sacred Living Institute are the following:

* Acknowledges their humanity and considers themselves to be equal while refraining from controlling or coaching others without invitation. In the same measure, refrains from imposing their idea of perfection onto another nor into others process of self-development.

* Resides with confidence in work and creativity, relying on the team to validate, empower, guide and lead the process of manifestation as personal will power strengthens and matures.

*A mentally healthy team member is independent and fully engaged using their own talents and abilities to sustain and strengthen their role, while edifying their process of spiritual maturation and personal expression as a unique contribution to the team.

* A flourishing team member refrains from copying another, abstains from comparing themselves to another, avoids engaging in cunning strategies to gain power over another nor manipulate circumstances perpetuated by insecurities. 

* A prospering team player conducts ongoing investigation, personal edification and skill development motivated by their passion and desire for perfection in their craft, service or talent.

* A thriving team player is in an ever-expanding process that continuously evolves bringing new circumstances, new opportunities, imminent change and fresh encounters that stimulate and foster the natural human evolutionary experience.  

2. Specialist, not competitor.

If you have been working in a specific field of study and have practiced over an extended period of time, you are a specialist. There is no need to have a college degree to prove your worth or determine your eligibility. Rather, we are seeking people who have been passionate about specific subjects and have spent a great deal of time and energy developing their ability to understand and practice techniques, methodologies, rituals, habits, workouts and routines for garnering positive results as a lifestyle. This creates a unique model to share amongst a team of specialists while dismantling the atmosphere of competition. In our program, competition is not encouraged. We prefer that facilitators feel empowered for their own unique expression and refrain from comparing or copying anyone in our organization. If someone is “copying” or “competing”, they have not achieved the state of specialist. For those who have their own style and are confident in what they have to offer, please feel encouraged to follow your inner guide as you share, teach and impart your special knowledge and skills through our portal.

3. Practice What You Preach

Humanity is evolving rapidly and with that growing awareness is the keen sense of what is true and what is not. Most people sense, consciously and unconsciously, if someone is truly living the lifestyle habits and methodologies that they share for improving the quality of life. It is necessary that facilitators of the Sacred Living Institute live the teachings that they share and radiate the achievement of the practices they are promoting. If there is the slightest bit of inauthenticity in one’s practice and lifestyle habits, it will be obvious to all students and ultimately impacts the credibility of the institute. Therefore, if one is truly a specialist in their field and represent the art of living sacred, they are living what they teach.

4. Healthy Diet and Healthy Habits

Sacred Living Institute facilitators understand that a healthy diet fosters a healthy mind and sets the emotional tone of one’s being ultimately, shaping the character. Therefore, facilitators are chosen according to their lifestyle practices that reflect this wisdom and understanding. Vegetarianism and gluten-free diet is promoted as the foundational diet of the institute. A mucus-free diet creates a healthy body. A vegan, organic diet reduces mucus, thereby reducing parasites, disease and devitalizing conditions, while promoting anti-aging properties, revitalization of internal organs and healthy cell regeneration for a strong immune system. Although vegetarianism is not mandatory for qualifying, it is the only cuisine offered at our events and the lifestyle diet taught exclusively through the institute.

5. Responsibility

One of the best gifts that we can give our team members is mature responsibility for our word and our actions. When we commit and then follow through, great things happen. When others can rely on our word and our actions, there is tremendous ease and grace in our shared business endeavors that naturally leads to success and abundance. Therefore, it is imperative that facilitators participating in our program follow through on their commitments and inform when there is a delay or change of plans. We are happy to accommodate change, rearrange when necessary and offer assistance with creating a new avenue for better flow while enhancing the power of synchronicity.


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