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KaShiva MahaDevi UmAnanda

Expert In:
Ancient Hindu Scriptures and Esoteric Astrology. Including, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Locally Grown, Organic, Exceptionally Delicious, Exquisite Cuisine designed for good mental and physical health.

Favorite Read:
 Hindu Shastras and Upanishads, specifically Shiva Sutras and Guru Bhakti.

Guiding Principle:
“…coming back to basics: integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing others’ reality is the way to cause your own reality.

Having stomach pain, just pick up a phone and start causing few people’s reality, the energy and space will shift in such a way, stomach pain will disappear. Having conflict with your boss, pick up a phone and cause few people’s reality, the energy will shift such a way that the conflict between you and the boss will disappear…

Your causing effort to enrich yourself and others, that is the prayer Mahadeva listens to…Celebrate Mahadeva’s presence by enriching and causing the whole world… That is the way you will manifest your reality.” — SPH SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM message on 2 Dec, 2017

the vision

from the beginning

Astrology is the most complete comprehensive tool for understanding one’s role, life purpose, relationship challenges as well as physical and emotional health. If humans understood themselves at the depth that astrology provides there would be more healing, abundance, nurturing love and effective team-work towards a common, shared vision. This is my goal through sharing the insights and wisdom that I have gained over the past 30+ years learning and living the science of astrology and the esoteric eastern teachings. Through sharing, the ancient teachings and imparting the golden keys of wisdom for transformation and evolution, my hope is that the world transforms into a more loving, compassionate, patient and gentle space for all. 

Astrology and Ancient Teachings For Sanity and Evolution

Overview And Experience

My astrological profile:
KaShiva MahaDevi has been born with an unusual intellect and ability to share awareness with others.

With a diverse background, KaShiva MahaDevi imparts astrological and spiritual wisdom with a high level of intuition combining a natural understanding of the human condition. Under the appropriate influence and through the ability to transfer clear concepts while utilizing the capacity to gather together a community environment, higher principles for everyday living are shared.

Since 1992, the path of yoga and spiritual disciplines have been an important part of my life, beginning with attending the Himalayan Institute yoga program and initiated by Swami Rama in the early nineties, following a deep union with Bhagavan Aurobindo and The Mother for many years, entering into an austere lifestyle creating a powerful transformation in my being and the activation of kundalini, Shakti powers.  Eventually, I established my own courses to share with others through the the Goddess Institute in mid nineties and then the GAIA School for Sacred Living in the mid-2000’s. Coming back into the world and entering into a decadent lifestyle, forsaking many of the spiritual powers I gained everything changed dramatically until years later in 2014, where a radical shift happened, re-igniting my spiritual process. 

Often, with the three major life cycles such as Uranus Opposition, Kiron Return and Saturn Return, people tend to make radical shifts in their life. Hence, the coming back to the spiritual path again in my Kiron Return. The sane path that was initiated during my Saturn Return came full circle while leaving the dross behind that occurred during my Uranus Opposition.  This is how life happens for many with these three major life cycles.

In this cycle, my third, major  life cycle is seasoned with the wisdom of a life well-lived and the understanding that if I compromise in anyway, I lose all the beauty gained through my spiritual disciplines. With this understanding, Im fully loaded to deal with the demons of delusion and armed with a superior, living force of the Avatar. Kali is at my back, Shakti is inside and the goddess Annupurna is making sure that I imbibe only that which edifies my soul and form. Shiva resides in my Ananda Ghanda, Nandi carries me and Maha Kala Bhairava is standing at the front gate of my domain. In full blossom, my Guru Tattwa leads the way.

Mission to Share with the World:

This full-circle life experience that began in the early 1990’s empowers me with great understanding and powerful insights into what others endure and struggle with and the understanding of what is required for gaining a radical transformation and enjoying spiritual evolution. After many experiences and much self-work, tremendous study of astrology including, ancient teachings, I can move forward into manifesting the life I  am best suited for with tremendous clarity and self-confidence. 

If more people understood these delicate life shifts and had the awareness to surf the changes that these three major life cycles bring, there would be much less grief and despair on this planet and greater empowerment to create a more satisfying, rewarding life.

This is my goal and my hope – that each person who crosses my path is enlightened with self-understanding that empowers and showers the thrill of knowing who one is, what they are here to do while standing firmly in the confidence to fulfill that mission.

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January 2022 - April 2022 /
Month of July - 21 Day excursion on self-development

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PDF's, Books & Audio

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In the same way that a thriving garden grows, so does it happen with our inner and outer being. All parts of who we are require the tender, careful nurturing attention in all stages of our life journey. Ancient astrology combined with the science of Yoga, refined over thousands of years and imparted by enlightened beings, provides the insight for nurturing this process in a powerful, eloquent way. 

Shastras/ Ancient Scriptures
Astrological keys imparted

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