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I find myself always coming back to that pure loving bliss state anytime music is involved. Practicing observational meditation in nature and just being aware of everything going on around me while using my senses, I can truly tune in to the subtle essence of the natural world. Tree beings sing to me as the wind carries messages from distance lands. It’s all so fascinating to me.

I feel that personal experience is the best teacher and that no book can provide the type of knowledge and wisdom that comes through being present with sound and nature. Sharing my own healing journey with others  allows the same opportunity for them to receive whatever resonates best for them as I impart the essence of sound  as experienced in nature. 

Favorite Literature: Siddhartha, Autobiography of a Yogi, A Gradual Awakening, Being Aware of Being Aware

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I am by no means an expert in this field, simply just a student always curious to learn more and share what I’ve found works for me along my journey. I didn’t go to music school, or study any music theory, although that was something that interested me as a young boy. From a young age I was always curious about music and wanted to learn more. I never took any lessons or had any teachers teach me how to play any instruments. I simply tuned in to that desire to learn and taught myself. I would find a song I wanted to learn and listen to it, over and over, until I finally figured out how to play it. Over time, my creative side started to shine more as I began to compose my own songs. 

It wasn’t until my grandfather passed in 2016 that I began to awaken and tap into universal energies all around and within me.

I began with crystal singing bowls and eventually built an arsenal of different instruments that all have their own essence and wisdom to share. I alchemize both the ancient and modern/digital sounds to create one big symphony. I am just here to experience life and share the knowledge I’ve gained through deep contemplation and meditation with these ancient tools. These profound experiences has lead me to cultivating a deeper connection to all of life around me and how I can further share this gift with others.

Mission to Share with the World:

My mission is to help others understand how our emotions are the roots to most of our suffering in life and how our relations to sound plays such an integral role in our healing process. I envision a world of authentic expression in communion with love and understanding for all life and see sound as a crucial part of the bridge that will get us to this new Earth reality.


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In my workshops and online courses, we dive deeper into the connection we all share with sound and vibration; we explore how sound affects our mood, thoughts, emotions, behaviors and how they can either be healing or detrimental to our health. We discuss how emotions are related to different parts of the body and how these emotions, if not addressed and expressed can cause dis-ease and misalignment in the body. The in-person workshop or online course provides a personal experience of the healing power of sound.

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