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Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

On the technical side, the form is acting slightly temperamental and needs a few, slight adjustments for it to work properly.

For that reason, as you are going through the form we ask that you submit your response via email and include photos in same email.

For example of what we are creating for you, please click menu button: "INSTRUCTORS" at top of page, right hand corner, for how your profile is presented and the type of photos required.

For example of the entire presentation that is being created featuring your profile, courses, workshops, products, experience, etc., Click INSTRUCTORS at top and on the right hand side, click"KaShiva MahaDevi UmAnanda" "PROFILE" button to see the full package.

Reviewing the profile page helps to gain understanding why the questions are being asked and how the information is being used to develop your profile - much like a mini-website for you.

Thank you for your patience while we develop this phase. We much appreciate your participation in the launch of the sacred retreat center and online school. May you be enriched and abundantly blessed through this shared endeavor.

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